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Hello everyone.

I am Dhaval Faria.

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      would you please help me

      I want my function to be executed instead of when the division by 0 issue
      my function is (print_1) that print “M”

      my code is:

      [BITS 16]
      [ORG 7c00h]
      jmp s
      mov al, ‘M’
      mov ah, 0eh
      int 0x10
      xor ax,ax
      mov ax,0f000
      mov es,ax
      ; for replace my subroutine into address of int0 :
      mov word [es:0eef3h] ,print_1

      ; for divide by zero :
      mov al,92
      sub cl,cl
      div cl

      k: jmp k

      times 510 – ($-$$) db 0
      dw 0xaa55
      the address 0f00:eef3 is in
      int0 or divide by zero is in At the address of 0,1,2,3 of of memory and in my case 0 is “F3” , in 1 is “EE” , in 2 is “00” and in 3 is “F3”

      but it not work.

      of course in masm this is
      mov ax,0000
      mov es,ax
      mov word ptr es:0002, seg print_1
      mov word ptr es:0000, offset print_1

      but it has error for me
      `ptr’ is not a NASM keyword
      comma, colon, decorator or end of line expected after operand
      binary output format does not support segment base references

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